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Totems with Tom (Part 2 of 2)

As we prepare for our BIG art auction Spring Fundraiser, the one-and-only Tom Sale returns to work with us, teaching our group something brand new. Veterans of AAA may remember the terrific papier mache art or the shadow puppets Tom taught last year. This time, he's thought of something brand new: totem sculptures! 

First, I will tell you a little bit about Native American iconography. I have a background in Native history (I bet you didn't know that!) Then you can decide (or the group will help you decide) what should go on your own mini-totem pole. 

This project will take two days to complete. We hope you can attend both Fri and Sat sessions. Please pay for the Part 1 or 2 events, even if you can only make it on Fri or Sat, but we really hope you will attend both sessions!

For the show, we will feature a picture of you and what your totem means that will sit beside your art. 

Cost: $20 (covers both days) PAY ON FRIDAY TICKETING ONLY

To sign up for this event, RSVP on Facebook and purchase your tickets on Picatic. All payments must be received the before the day's adventure begins!