Media Coverage of Austen's Autistic Adventures!

I am very late getting these links up on the website! 

In May, I quit my job as an English professor to pursue working for AAA full-time. It was the BEST decision I ever made. As soon as I committed completely, the idea truly took off. Since May, we have been covered by The Dallas Morning News, the local ABC affiliate, WFAA (Channel 8), featured on the worldwide publication Disability Scoop, and I was recently a guest on the web program, Autism Live

My group is currently the ONLY daily-meeting social group in the country for adults on the autism spectrum. Please check out the links to see what makes my program so unique, and please do check our Facebook page, which I update almost daily with pictures and news about our events! 

Jamie and Austen 




Two Months! Almost!

Well, we are so excited to be growing! I apologize for not posting news here in quite some time. For daily event pictures and information, please "Like" and "Follow" us on Facebook. I post almost daily there.

Since our inception, we have done many fun things: swimming, a visit to an aquarium, trampoline park, conducted science experiments, made art, had two parties, and more!

Please consider having your "kid" join us, volunteer, and please, if you are able to give anything at all, we are MOST appreciative.  Costs continue to mount up and every dollar you give goes to support my nonprofit. Every. Dollar. 

Thank you again for visiting and we hope to see you soon!

Jamie and Austen 



Off to a Good Start!

Good morning Adventurers, Families, and Donors- 

We are so thrilled that we have received donations to help make our venture a success. Here is something we purchased today for our "House Parties"!  We also purchased laser lights and something called "Star Shower" but I can't figure out how to post multiple images here! 

Please join us on Saturday, 1/28 from 7-11 to join the fun! Cost is $40. Dance, sing, play games, have snacks with us while your folks get to go to a movie or do something else fun!  

See you soon!
Jamie and Austen



Launch Day!

Dear Parents and Adventurers, 

This foundation has been something about which I have been thinking for many years. Although my nearly 20-year-old  daughter is in the "Transition" program with her school district, we have not found her days to be very interesting and they are quite limited in scope. Furthermore, in just two years, she will "age out" of the program. We have all come to the realization that Austen will never work in any full-time, and probably not part-time, capacity. I'm sure a lot of you have come to terms with this as well. 

Another factor compelling me to finally "do something" about the lack of opportunities for adults with autism is the fact that the one group my daughter attends,   who met typlically  on a once-a-week basis,  decided that those over 25 years could no longer come to the group. Many of the "kids" were heartbroken. The one place they felt safe and comfortable was no longer an option. 

Thus, on break from my current job as an English professor, I decided to stop dreaming and start doing. The response has been overwhelming. Passion + Need is what I think will make our organization a success. 

I cannot wait to meet your sons and daughters, and for the world-at-large to meet THEM. It's time for autism to come out and join the world. Our numbers are growing. And, as we all know, you don't stop being autistic just because you turn 18. 

I will try to post updates a few times a week with what went well (and perhaps not so well) on our outings. Pictures and videos too! 

Please feel free to offer feedback in the "Comments" section of this page. I'm sure there will be quite the learning curve but we are all committed to making the lives of our adult children with autism more fulfilling. 

Thank you!
Jamie, Cooper, Sue, Austen, Collin,  Debbie, and Zach