Bringing the World to Autism and Autism to the World: The Only Daily-Meeting Social Skills Group in the Country for Adults with Autism and the Families Who Love Them.

Austen Olivia Wheeler: Eager to Help Plan Our Adventures

Our Beginning

While Austen was in high school, she had many things to do: school all day, then activities designed for people under 18 with special needs, both after school and on weekends. 

However, in the spring of her senior year,  I began to worry.  I attended a special needs conference and listened to a young woman cry about how lonely and bored she was after graduation. 

I hoped things would be different for us. I was wrong. The truth is, the opportunities for adults with autism are few. I quickly rejected "day programs." Even the best (and very expensive) kept our "kids" largely from the world, where they interact almost solely with each other. Until now, no program has existed for daily interaction outside those walls. Therefore, the community, (for the most part), never gets to know people with autism at all. 

Austen and I are here to change that. The mission of Austen's Autistic Adventures is, "To Bring the World to Autism and Autism to the World." Every day we go out together, practicing being out in the social world.  Adults with autism  will find something to keep them engaged and learning, all year, all their lives. 

"The most important thing people did for me was to expose me to new things." - Temple Grandin 



Bringing the World to Autism and Autism to the World

Our Mission:
Part I

Bringing Autism to the World


No day is without opportunity to engage the world with your friends. Choose from a variety of 2 to 4 hour affordable "outings" every weekday or sign up for a whole week or month of activities. Art. Dance. Music. Theater. Puppets. Crafts. Karaoke. Cooking. Storytelling and story writing. Science. Yoga. Museums. Amusement Parks. Hikes/Nature Walks. Board Games. Libraries. Technology. Learn to make a YouTube video! 


Our Mission:
Part II:

Bringing the World to Autism 


Part of the goal of Austen's Autistic Adventures is for the world to engage them. Dozens of community members, from artists to scientists, have committed to donating their time to get to know our "kids," to help them grow and make our community more aware of their presence.  

Austen Never Met a Party She Didn't Like!

Get Involved

If you have a hobby, a passion, or some sort of work that you could share with our group, please contact me! Go to the toolbar at the top of this page and click "Get Involved." We will work with your schedule: you may donate from 1-3 hours, as many times as you'd like!

If you would like to donate money, that is most welcome as well. The more sponsors we have, the more activities and trips our kids can take.  There's no donation too small (or too large) we cannot use! Click the "Support Us Now" button on the bottom left corner of this, and every, page.