The Facts


Who Can Participate in Austen's Autistic Adventures? 

Anyone on the Autistic Spectrum or those with OTHER DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES aged 18 or Over 

Exception: If you have a child under 18, and wish to join us on ANY outing, please join us along with your child. NO charge to parent or caregiver for attendance, although you will be responsible for any admission fees. 

Our program is primarily designed for anyone on the autism spectrum and those with other disabilities aged 18 or over. 

Prior to going on any Adventure, our team needs to meet you and your adult child. We will have a "get to know you" form to complete, as well as a waiver of liability that everyone must complete before trips can be taken. 

While it is our sincere hope to offer our service to any person on the spectrum or other developmental disorder, any excessively violent behavior may not be something we are equipped for, as is the case for medical needs beyond our knowledge or abilities; please plan to accompany your Adventurer if his or her behavior is too much for our team members. 




Do Parents or Caregivers Need to Attend? 

No! Although you may certainly come if you wish to do so. Part of the goal of the program is to offer respite. No charge, of course, for adult caregivers wishing to attend.  *Exceptions: Please see note on "who may attend" above. 



What Services Does Austen's Autistic Adventures Offer and How Much Do They Cost? 

Daily "Field Trips," Monthly "House Parties" and Quarterly "Long-Weekend Excursions"

Daily Field Trips: Costs range from $30-60 depending on length of outing and type of activity. Please note that the cost ALWAYS INCLUDES ANY ADMISSION FEES. If the activity takes place during lunch hours, your Adventurer will either need to pack a lunch or bring money to purchase food.  Go to the "Events" tab at the top of the page to see activities and pricing. 

Monthly "House Parties": Cost is $40 for 4 hour party.  On the last Saturday of each month , we will host a party from 7pm-11pm with music, dancing, games, and more. Each month will have a theme that Adventurers can "vote" on. 

Quarterly Long-Weekends:  Pricing will be based on trip. We will leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday afternoon.  Great Wolf Lodge, Fossil Rim Wildlife Ranch, camping, etc. 

Transportation: At this time, it is your responsibility to get your Adventurer to Daily Field Trips and House Parties, both to and from activities. Most will take place in the Richardson/Garland/Plano area. If you need help getting a DART special needs pass, or a reliable car service, we can help you in finding the right choice.  For long excursions, we will take a bus or other public transport. 

All caregivers for Adventurers must sign a release of liability prior to going on any trips.  

Supervision and Attendance 

Field Trips: The ratio for Adventurers to adults for field trips will always be 2-1. Once slots are filled, that day will be "blacked out." Sign up by using the email (on the "About") tab at the top of the page. Calendar will be updated daily. 

House Parties: Parties have no limit! Come one, come all! There will be plenty of volunteers to make sure everyone is safe and has fun!

Long-Weekend Excursions: As with field trips, the ratio will be 2-to-1. 

Payment: All trips must be paid by the day they take place, but, of course, you may pay in advance. Cash, check, or credit cards accepted.