Long-term Goals: Like any non-profit, we have a "wish list."



Jamie Wheeler-Matlock, Cooper Matlock, Sue McDaniel, Collin Wheeler, Deborah Scally, Zachary Scally



Currently, we have three goals which, with your help, can be fulfilled in the not-too-distant future.

Goal #1: Acquiring a permanent space for our Adventurers, so that care can be offered following outings as well as a "home" spot for parties and other activities. 

Goal #2:  A van (or two!). Being working parents (and grandparents) of adults on the spectrum, we realize how hard it is to get our children (and grandchildren) to and from places. A van will allow us to help you get your Adventurer to events and safely back home again. 

Goal #3: With enough support from donors, we hope to bring autism even farther into the world, with vacations to destinations like Disney World, to visit wonders of the world, and whatever else we can think of! 


ALL-The-Time Needs 


Share Your Hobby or Work

What can you share with people with autism? Do you garden? Can you sing? Do you know about birds? Could you take our Adventurers to your workplace for a tour? You can spend as little as one hour to three hours. Remember, Temple Grandin, perhaps the world's most accomplished and famous person on the spectrum, says that the best things people ever did for her was to introduce her to new things. 



The more people we have to help out, the more Adventurers we can accommodate. Let us know when you are available and we will be SURE to work you into our schedule! Whether you can give one hour, one time, or come with us on a regular basis, we need you! 


Donate Money

If you've had a child with special needs, you know that the word "special" comes with a hefty price tag, no matter what it is attached to. Although it is our goal to make our outings as inexpensive as possible, there will still be participants who need help.  Please give to families who may not be in a position to afford as many outings as they would like by contributing to our foundation.  All donations are tax deductible.